Why This Cook Book Matters

This book is so unique because it is the ONLY cook book on the market that uses vegetarian meats in almost every recipe. There are tons of vegetarian cookbooks and lots of free recipes on-line. However NONE of them deal strictly with a huge variety of meats from non-animal sources.

People who want to make the change are worried only about TASTE. These products and recipes blow that excuse out of the water. The meats are absolutely scrumptious. They are beyond delicious. not to mention luscious, and just plain yummy.

The ingredients for these incredible NON-animal meats are fascinating, creative, varied, and HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS. They draw nutrition and flavor from the full spectrum of non-animal foods such as nuts, soy, algae and yeasts. Grains, rices, wheat germ, millet, whole grain flours, veggies, quinoa, tofu, pea protein, tapioca, flax, chia and other seeds add texture and mass. TVP, garlic, onions, tempeh, coconut, yams, fermented mushrooms, etc., and a fantastic array of spices magically transform these meats into satisfying and delicious meats.

My personal favorite veggie burger is the Prime Burger by Morningstar. I give it 5 stars. It is really juicy with great flavor, and super for barbecuing.

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