Throw a Veggie Cheese Party

There are recipes in my cookbook to make your own vegan cheeses, including a really tasty parmesan cheese for Italian dishes, pizza, or salads and a rich cheese sauce. When people take the leap to go vegetarian, they always say the hardest thing to give up is never meats and fish, it is CHEESE.

My favorite cheese, is Daiya brand. It melts like real cheese on nachos, pizza, cheeseburgers, lasagna, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. You can buy it shredded or in slices, or blocks. I also enjoy SO delicious coconut cheese in several varieties that tastes like the real thing-not coconuts! If you want to make a cheesecake or a real thick dip, I always use, Tofutti vegan cream cheese. It is just fantastic.

There are many gourmet vegan cheeses available and they are exceptional, but a huge disadvantage is that they are way too expensive, so if you are feeling energetic, I would try this website You will find that homemade non-dairy cheeses are surprising because their taste is exceptional. Make several types and have a wine and cheese party.

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