A Veggie Meat Crash Course

This cookbook is a crash course in adopting a plant base diet in the easiest way possible. A way that is fun, delicious and creative. Never sacrifice TASTE. It is an amazing cookbook. The recipes walk you through all the steps and address misgivings and misconceptions. To create the recipes I did the research, made calls, explored dozens of stores, and tried literally hundreds of veggie meats. Making them better required experimenting with unique spices and vegetables that were unusual to me. All this to make it easy and enticing for people to consider this lifestyle change.

In the cookbook I address the concern raised by my readers such as where to find all these veggie meats, spices, new and different pastas, noodles and rices? Most of all, I hope I have made this appealing even exciting, to challenge old beliefs and habits, and change your life.

I enthusiastically encourage everyone to do their own rigorous research from many different sources like films, videos, research and statistics from registered dietitians, scientists, food experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities, philosophers and climatologists.  

Keep in mind, going vegetarian is all about benefits. It is not about deprivation but fabulous taste and vastly improved health and longevity. My best advice, nobody goes vegetarian overnight. It is best to go slow, not put pressure on yourself. Start with Meatless Mondays, or just a few times a week. The health benefits are enormous. You get plenty of protein and lots of healthful choices. This is a joyful book. ENJOY!

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