Its All About Taste

It's all about taste

I must repeat, when it comes down to adopting a plant-based diet, the main issue is always TASTE. This, along with texture, and color are the real deal breakers. Eating scrumptious food with family and those you love should always be a celebration. Coming together to share good food is one of the most satisfying…

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Finding Veggie Meats and Using New Ingredients

Try exciting new ingredients

In my cookbook I include extensive information on these accompanying products and all the substitute meats that are available. I do this in response to  the most often question I get asked, “where do I find those veggie meats?” People often have no idea these alternative meats exist, let alone where to buy them. Also,…

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Why This Cook Book Matters

This book is so unique because it is the ONLY cook book on the market that uses vegetarian meats in almost every recipe. There are tons of vegetarian cookbooks and lots of free recipes on-line. However NONE of them deal strictly with a huge variety of meats from non-animal sources. People who want to make…

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