Finding Veggie Meats and Using New Ingredients

In my cookbook I include extensive information on these accompanying products and all the substitute meats that are available. I do this in response to  the most often question I get asked, “where do I find those veggie meats?” People often have no idea these alternative meats exist, let alone where to buy them.

Also, most people are not aware of the huge array of different pastas, hundreds of different noodles. Over 20 different types of rice, lentils and quinoa, etc. are readily available. Most are high protein, highly nutritious, and the flavors are just remarkable, unusual and yummy! Why just stick to plain old boring potatoes or white rice?

A great place to find the unique noodles and rices are Asian grocery stores. I use a variety of grains like oats, wheat, rye, barley, semolina and flax seeds. There are many flours such as coconut, whole wheat, buckwheat, potato, barley, almond, corn, and brown rice flour. Sometimes I add toasted wheat germ or ground flax seeds to bread dough, pizza dough, waffles, or as thickeners in soups and gravies.

The key is to experiment and add new ingredients to discover new flavors. Their nutritional content can easily be found online, so you can experiment with adding them to your creations. Another advantage is that you can also use all your own favorite family recipes, just substitute veggie meats.

One of my favorites in my book is the Quorn turkey roast. It is a one-pound roast-looks like a small, all white meat, turkey roast. EASY-just add all your favorite extras; mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and your favorite stuffing. Voila!

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